Ricky Schroder Donated $150,000 to get Kyle Rittenhouse Out of Jail


Kenosha shooter Kyle Rittenhouse has been released from jail on a $2 million bond Friday, thanks to the help of some celebrity friends.

Actor Ricky Schroder and My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell both helped out the gunman who faces murder charges for shooting during Black Lives Matter protests in the Wisconsin city.

Rittenhouse, from Illinois, claims he acted in self-defense when he shot and killed protesters Anthony Huber, 26, and Joseph Rosenbaum, 36. A third man was also injured.

Rittenhouse’s lawyer posted a picture to Twitter, captioned: FREE AT LAST!

John Hubert, whose son was killed by Rittenhouse, has spoken out about the support the young killer has received:

“He has people out there who will help him, organizations, militia groups raising money for his defense right now,” h

“He thinks he’s above the law. He’s been treated as such by law enforcement. He believes he’s justified in the case, and for him to run wouldn’t surprise me.”



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