Brad Pitt Spends Hours Handing Out Food To Families in Need in Los Angeles


Brad Pitt has shown he’s one of the nicest guys in Hollywood yet again.

The acting legend spent hours handing out packages of groceries to low-income families in LA.

An eye witness said the star had ‘zero swagger’ and was completely down-to-earth as he went about his selfless gesture.

An eyewitness to the heartwarming display recalled to MailOnline :

“Brad really did seem like a hero, the man did not stop all day.

“Just seeing him driving a big truck in South Central LA during Covid times was in itself amazing.

“He was completely committed, you could see it wasn’t a case of him turning up and showing his face.

“He had his gloves on and he was involved as much and probably more than anyone else there.

“His heart was in it and it was just a hats-off moment. It seemed like it was the real Brad Pitt, which we don’t really ever get to see.”


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