‘Butt-Crack’ Leggings Are Now A Thing in 2021


    Yep, you read that right. Butt-crack leggings are a thing now, just in case you didn’t think 2021 was bizarre enough.

    The latest trend that many TikTokers are wearing are leggings that have a dart-like waistband, which points directly down at a ruched seam that cuts straight through the backside.

    Essentially they come with a built in butt-crack.

    The New York Post reviewed the leggings so you don’t have to.

    They wrote:

    “Seriously, these pants make skinny jeans look like PPE.

    The bawdy britches — which have been called “butt-perfecting” by Cosmopolitan — owe their popularity to TikTok. There, users such as Devin K. Olson, a self-described “leggings queen,” try on the snug bottoms and show off their backsides for the camera. “Oh my god, please go buy these,” she says while flipping her hair and admiring her booty-liciousness in close-up

    Overall, I felt less Kim Kardashian and more, “Kan you put that thing away?”

    I strolled past my husband, doing my best EmRata impression. He looked at me curiously. “I mean, you look good,” he said. “But I wouldn’t call them pants.”

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