Conspiracy Theorists Think Donald Trump Spoke To Them In Morse Code In Last Night’s Address


QAnon followers believe President Donald Trump used Morse code to communicate a secret message to them in a video where he condemned the Capitol riots.

After a week of heavy criticism and a historic second impeachment, Trump stated the violence seen at the US Capitol on January 6 “goes against everything he believes in.”

He went on to stress no supporter of his would ever “endorse political violence” or “disrespect law enforcement or our great American flag”. Conspiracy theorists have it different, thinking the president wasn’t only using his words to communicate.

President Trump’s hands can be seen clasped in front of him for the majority of the video. However, around the halfway mark, he broke them apart to make gestures as he said: “All of us can choose, by our actions, to rise above the rancour and find common ground.”

Known for his flamboyant body language, the average viewer may be unperturbed by the video. Followers of QAnon, however, believe the gestures were actually an attempt to signal them using Morse code.

Theories about Trump’s hand gestures first showed up on a QAnon-focused forum called the Great Awakening, according to Vice, where the poster claimed that Trump’s hand movements represented ‘dash-dash-dot-dash.’ A sequence which represents the letter Q. 

It comes after the President was permanently banned from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

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