Coronavirus Could Be Eliminated In Australia In A Few Weeks



Coronavirus could be eliminated in Australia if Victoria and New South Wales if low case numbers continue, experts have said. Who’d have thought it!

The two states have been responsible for 90% of the 27,645 cases diagnosed since February.

However, with Victoria enjoying its eighth day without new cases or deaths, and NSW recording a single locally transmitted case, the potentiality of elimination could be nigh.

Experts are now saying the country needs to do two things so make that dream a reality.

“NSW is the model, we have a low number of cases, the public health response stamps on any clusters and you keep everything under control,” La Trobe University Epidemiologist Hassan Vally told ABC.

“No-one knows what will happen over the next week in Victoria, but it’s not outside the bounds of possibility that we will see zero cases for another week or so and then technically we’ve eliminated the virus.”

He said Victoria’s lockdown was unique in its suppression over elimination.

Meanwhile the chair of epidemiology at Deakin University, Catherine Bennett, believes we have to continue tracing known cases.

Kangaroo crossing dirt road in Western Australia.

“Even if the virus is out there, it is more likely to die out than spread,” she said.

Professor Bennett said New South Wales had one advantage when Victoria became the worst-infected state in the country: it knew in advance.

Dr Vally went on to say once so many cases are diagnosed it is impossible for any health system to properly contact trace.

This news comes as countries around the world attempt to combat a second wave of COVID-19.

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