Dolly Parton Reveals Her Real Hair and it’s Absolutely Beautiful


    Dolly Parton is a national treasure, there’s no denying that. But how many of us have seen her real hair?

    The country legend has finally revealed what’s underneath her famous blonde wig, and her natural hair is stunning.

    In her new book Songteller: My Life in Lyrics, Dolly describes how as a teenager she always wanted a hairpiece.

    “I always wore my hair all teased up. Whenever that style started, I was the first to get my hair all poofy. Then as soon as I could buy those hairpieces and wigs, I wanted them.”

    “For one thing they were so handy.

    “Plus my hair would never do exactly what I wanted it to. So the wigs became kind of my trademark.”

    And she also shared a photo of what her natural hair looks like.

    Dolly's husband Carl is a big fan of her style

    She looks stunning!

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