Donald Trump’s Plan For Life After Leaving White House


As the dust begins to settle on Joe Biden’s victory, Trump supporters will be left asking ‘What next for Donald Trump?’

Well, what we know is that there will certainly be a fight from Trump to keep hold of his presidency, after allegations of fraud and illegal votes.

So, until Biden takes to the White House, we can expect Trump to go down fighting.

But what is Donald Trump’s plan for life after leaving the White House?

The Bulwark’s Jonathan V. Last told us in his essay on Trump in December 2019:
“Either a year from now or five years from now, Donald Trump will step away from the presidency. Raise your hand if you think he will retire to Mar-a-Lago and delete his Twitter account.
“It seems much more likely — maybe inevitable — that once he leaves office, Trump will continue to tweet and call in to cable news shows. Perhaps he will even attend political rallies, which is the part of the job he seems to enjoy most.
“There is no reason to think — none at all — that he will discontinue his penchant for weighing in on American politics on an hourly basis. There is every reason to think that he will vigorously attack any Republican who was disloyal to him during his administration. Or retroactively criticizes his tenure. Or runs in opposition to one of his preferred candidates. Or jeopardizes any of his many and varied interests.”
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  1. Trump is my President fair and square. I dread what politics the Dems have waiting for, we, the American Patriots. Will there be civil war tearing down these American States and cities?

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