Grow-Your-Own Human Steaks Makers Say Meal Kit is Not ‘Technically’ Cannibalism


    Just when you thought 2020 couldn’t get any weirder, there is now a grow-your-own human steak kit.

    The creators of the controversial kit have defended the meal kit saying that it’s not ‘technically’ cannibalism.

    The “DIY meal kit” for growing steaks made from human cells was actually even nominated for “design of the year” by the London-based Design Museum.

    Grace Knight, one of the designers, thas spoken to Dezeen magazine about the human steak kit:

    “People think that eating oneself is cannibalism, which technically this is not,”

    “Growing yourself ensures that you and your loved ones always know the origin of your food, how it has been raised and that its cells were acquired ethically and consensually,”


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