ICU Grandpa Who Cuddled Sick Babies for 14 Years Has Died Aged


David Deutcham went viral in 2017 for all the right reasons.

The man dubbed ‘ICU Granda’ spent 14 years as a volunteer cuddling sick babies in the neonatal intensive care units of Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

Speaking to 11 Alive  in 2017, David said: “Some of my guy friends, they ask me what I do here. And I say, ‘Well, I hold babies. I get puked on, I get peed on’, and they say, ‘Why would you do that?’.

“Some people just don’t understand the kind of reward you would get from holding a baby like this.”

David was unfortunately diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and has passed away aged 86.

His daughter said:

“None of us expected to get such a dire diagnosis.

“He made it very clear to all his loved ones and even his friends that he feels grateful to have lived a full and rich life.”

May he rest in peace.

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