Jon Voight warns America ‘in great danger’ if Joe Biden takes office


Hollywood legend Jon Voight has launched a scathing attack on Joe Biden in a passionate video uploaded to Twitter.

Speaking in front of the American flag, Voight warned America is in ‘great danger’ if President Elect Joe Biden takes office.

The 81-year-old said:

“I ask all to fight this battle now to get them all out. I have been attacked by my fellow peers saying I am preaching violence, when the truth is they all are,”

“Our state, California, is being ruled by a leftist mob. Gov. Newsom is taking away our freedom, your freedom. He is a disgrace to mankind — he and his relative, Nancy Pelosi, who has tried to bring President Trump down.”

You can watch the full video below:


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  1. Mr Voight i truly believe the same as you do. There are many too who agrees. But it is said in the Bible which is God’s word. To believe what his prophets says. Not Man. Continue to pray, because President Trump will be reelected. Biden was not announced as the president elect and will not run this great Nation. The media has no authority to announce the winner.

    Covid is jus an excuse for the left to start the New World Order. By installing fear in the minds of the people. So far its working (the fear part). Covid is not real, its jus a flu. In order for the formation of this NWO they have to KILL off millions of people. As for the vaccination it is choice you must make being you are at the age. Bill Gates vaccine will place the Mark of the Beast via microchip under our skin.
    Media, democratic party don’t realize that they’re being possessed by the devil and doing his work by their actions. Forcing the socialist/communist beginnings. We cannot allow it to take shape! Or the coming of the anti christ. The tribulation.

    So pray to our awesome God, he is still in control. And keep your faith strong. President Trump is the disrupter and thats why they’re doing their best to unseat him. God chooses our future and only he knows when the Rapture comes. Along w prayer, we have to prepare the lost by the sharing of the Gospel. It is the purpose we are here at this time. The Rapture will be a beautiful time for Us the believers of Christ. We cannot allow these to lose the opportunity to be w God, Jesus the Christ n the Holy Spirit.

    Thank you Mr Voight God bless you n your Family.

  2. We ARE in very great danger. The only thing that can get us out of it is prayer. Thank you, Mr. Voight it’s refreshing to hear a “Hollywood Elite” speak the truth. Ask people to pray for our country and our President Trump. It’s the only thing that can save us.

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