Mom Makes $4,000 a Month Selling Videos Of Herself Farting


    It’s time to get a new career. Because now you can make a living from farting on video for the paying public to watch.

    Yep. You read that right.

    Former travel agent and mon of two, Emma Martin, 48, charges $4.99 a month for people to view her exclusive farting content. She even caters her diet to help her perform.

    “I eat a lot of salad, asparagus, and avocados. I also eat lots of Mexican food.

    “One of my favorites is coleslaw and baked beans mixed together, I eat a lot of that too.”

    “My husband knows, but he’s not into farts at all. No one else in my family knows. I don’t think they would approve, but I’m a grown woman.”

    “When I first heard about fart fetishes, I was like, ‘eww, what? That can’t be a fetish. But then I got into it. It’s kinda cool. It’s a well-hidden, secret fetish.”

    She then discussed her follower base.

    “Half are white-collar professionals looking for custom videos where I’ll say their names and do things they’re too embarrassed to ask their wives for.

    “The other half are guys in their twenties who just follow me on OnlyFans.”

    “I was surprised by the warm reception I received [on OnlyFans].

    “People would say stuff like ‘I can’t believe you’re still making content’ and ‘you’re an OG.’ Part of the reason I moved from live cam shows to producing video content is because of Covid.

    “I record a ton of videos when I have the house to myself, so I always have something to release.”

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