Seaside Australian ghost town to get major transformation


Just take one look and you’ll see the potential that this seaside Australian ghost town has.

The town of Cossack, which can be found 1,300 kilometers north of Perth, was abandoned 70 years ago. But it still oozes potential.

And that potential could be fulfilled is about to get a major transformation.

According to CNN, plans are underway to develop it into a massive tourist attraction complete with eco-tourism accommodation, cafes, galleries and camping facilities.

Natasha Mahar, CEO of WA’s North West Tourism Board, said:

“Cossack is pretty much abandoned so it’d be great to see the town developed in a sustainable way so it can be vibrant all year round.”
“Telling the story of Cossacks’ pearling from an Aboriginal perspective would be a great tourism initiative here.”
“When you walk around this empty place and see all its beautiful old buildings you feel drawn to understand its history, why it was abandoned,”
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