Temple Where Jesus ‘Healed Bleeding Woman’ Found in Israel


An ancient church, which is believed by experts to be the site of a biblical miracle, has been discovered in Israel’s Golan Heights by the University of Haifa.

Professor Adi Erlich said:

“We suggest that the church revealed by us might have been this church that was related to the miracle,”,

Another church was found nearby, but the Professor believes the second discovery is the site of the biblical miracle.

‘There is another church excavated some 30 years ago on the other side of the springs, but our little church is more of a memorial than a practical basilica for services,’

The holy location features springs, caves and a ritual “cultic pool and a water aqueduct,” according to the Professor, and people will be free to visit the site once the work is done.

“Once conservation is over, everybody is welcome to come and visit,” said Erlich.

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