The Top 5 Restaurants in Los Angeles You Must Visit


Despite the city’s ups and downs during the pandemic, Los Angeles still a place with one of the most exciting food scenes in America.

If you’re looking for the best restaurants in Los Angeles that value freshness, flavor, fun, and quality the most, then you are in the right place. Because here we have brought the top 5 restaurants in Los Angeles that everyone must visit.

The Top 5 Restaurants in Los Angeles You Must Visit


It’s one of the most amazing restaurants in Los Angeles. Serving food from all across the Middle East, from Tunisia to Israel to Yamen. This restaurant feels fresh and unique. 

Be sure to try the malawach; Bavel’s signature dish, that’s essentially a roti served with dill crème fraîche, grated tomato, soft-boiled egg, and strawberry zhoug.

People also rave about its meaty dishes, but you will love its mushroom skewers as well.

Overall, Bavel is meant to offer you some amazingly mouth-watering cuisines. And they succeed. 



It’s is one of the most popular destinations for fine dining in Los Angeles that offers award-winning contemporary American cuisine, which is influenced by French style. Here you can enjoy the finest ingredients of every season with world-class wines.

MÉLISSE is perfect for people who is looking for an extraordinary experience of fine dining. The restaurant is also known as the best American French restaurant with chic and elegant surroundings around its main dining room.


Bestia is meant to offer you a multi-regional, refined tour of Italy via the mind of one of the best chefs from Los Angeles. Bestia is always here to provide you with delicious cuisines in exclusive styles, full of chic and stylish options.

Bestia is best for multiple reasons including:

  • The menu of revered chef Ori Menashe is guaranteed to make you wow.
  • The mind-blowing taste of their Spaghetti Rustichella.

Orsa & Winston

An amazing Italian restaurant that’s popular for its tasting menus. Genre-bending and hyper-creative dishes of chef Centeno. There is a global influence, Los Angeles love, and a deep understanding of taste and balance in chef Centeno’s dishes that make every meal memorable. 


Another American restaurant influenced by French style. Jiraffe is one of the favorite restaurants of Los Angeles for locals and tourists alike, not only because of the quality of the food, but for its ambiance and style as well.

Here you will be served with the food focused on clarity and simplicity of flavor in a chic, elegant, and comfortable bistro space.

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Whenever you visit Los Angeles, make sure to experience the food from these 5 most amazing restaurants. So that you can satisfy your taste buds in the best possible way.

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