The Transition to the Biden Administration Just Got Messier


The transition from a Donald Trump administration to a Joe Biden administration just got even messier, if that was even possible.

Biden has announced the teams of around 500 people who will work to prepare his incoming administration to take control of the federal government… but Trump has declined to give access to the incoming President-elect’s team.

Trump remains set on fighting the election results, and is not giving up the White House without a fight.

Former Sen. Ted Kaufman, one of the chairs of the Biden transition, said:

“The agency review process will help lay the foundation for meeting these challenges on Day One,”

“The work of the agency review teams is critical for protecting national security, addressing the ongoing public health crisis, and demonstrating that America remains the beacon of democracy for the world.”

“Once the GSA Administrator ascertains the results of the election, the ART members will work directly with staff in federal agencies to ensure that the incoming Biden-Harris administration is able to effectively achieve the policy goals of the President and Vice President-elect,” the statement said.

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