TikTok shows Trump supporter picking fight, backing down when man gets out of car


A viral TikTok video shows the moment two Trump fans confront a man in his car, before completely backing down when the man gets out of his car.

The video was posted by Robert Martinez earlier this week and has already been viewed over one million times.

“You a little nervous?” the young man, who’s wearing a Trump cap, asks Martinez while he’s sat in his car. “[…] Gonna beat the f**k outta you?”

Martinez laughs and says, “You’re gonna beat the f**k out of me?”

“Yeah, get out of the car!” the man says.

Martinez gets out and challenges the man: “What the f**k are you gonna do man? I’m out of my car. What are you gonna do?”

And as soon as Martinez confronts the men, they completely back down.


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