US reports most single-day Covid-19 deaths since May and experts say pandemic is accelerating


On Wednesday, there were at least 1,893 American deaths from Coronavirus, according to Johns Hopkins University — the highest daily death total in the US since early May.

Hospitalizations, ICU admissions and ventilator usage are also rising in every single state across the country.

“On a personal level, the most prudent thing that families can do this holiday season is choose not to gather in person with their older higher-risk relatives. However, this pandemic has taken such an emotional toll, on children and seniors alike, that we suspect many families will likely take the risk of gathering,”

“For those that do, outdoor events are safer than indoors, and conscientious spacing of older vulnerable individuals from the rest of the family will be important,” it said. “But even more important is a commitment to quarantine before visiting family.”

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